Top 5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Is A Magical Herb

Knock Knock! 🙂 Monsoon has arrived!! I always loved rain. Being from Kolkata where monsoon never comes or goes, but stays forever, thanks to the Bay Of Bengal, I am quite accustomed to the moist air, almost throughout the year! Rain shower gets so much of happiness to us. The roaring, soaring temperature goes down, the breeze becomes cooler, the […]

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Winter Skin Care – What’s In Your Kitchen?

Hello Beauties! So how is winter treating you? Now listen up you all. Beautiful skin requires commitment, just like a beautiful relationship. Consistency, love and care. Season as well s the climatic changes, impact the skin adversely and exacerbate some existing skin conditions. Especially for the ones who are suffering from eczema, psoriasis and acne, the colder months can be particularly problematic. There are five […]

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Office Party Or Office To Party- Instant Glamour Makeover

  Office parties are so good. Especially if you had a long working weekends. But office parties or parties that are scheduled right after your office working hours can be a troublesome affair at times. Well, we all know that, this is the best time of the year. Fall season is not just about the beautiful weather and the colours you […]

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Top 6 Tricks For Fall Make-Up

“Autumn. The year’s last loveliest smile.” Melting mascara and smudging kohl, cakey foundation and super-sticky lipstick. Summer days are no fun at all, when it comes to make-up. But I am so glad we have left it far behind and you can now enjoy the fall. That time of the year, when you look super-fresh with some super-fresh fall makeup ideas. After all, you just […]

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Your Eyes speaks volume- But make it up, to attract the listeners!

” A person’s mouth can lie, but their eyes always tell the truth…” No one can undermine the importance of good grooming. What happens to you when you decide to groom your appearance? When you improve your looks, an amazing thing happens. Improving here simply means taking care of. All of us deserve to be appreciated, admired, respected, loved. It […]

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