The Changing Trends In Work Place Attire

“A Company’s Culture Is The Foundation For Future Innovation, And Fashion Is An Indispensable Part Of Our Culture!” Every occasion, situation and place possess rules of style! But Hello? Patterns change and they change for good. Work place attire etiquette are now much more eased out than a few years ago. Yes, freedom to express your fashion sense is much […]

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth

“Networking is all about cultivating relationships. You act like a stepping ladder to them and vice-verse” Get Ready To Network Your networking kit need to be kept handy, because you can not afford to under-estimate the power that your networking skills equip you with. You may be a start-up or a corporation facing a drill of plateauing. But if you […]

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Why Is Power Dressing Essential?

Do you wonder why we call it,’Power Dressing’? Every morning, the same old question to ourselves : What should I wear to work, today!? Karl Lagerfeld knew, what exactly goes in our mind and said, “Fashion is what people wear, is not only what you see on the runway”. Whenever you are in doubt, go back to basics: Dress according to your […]

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