” I think a saree covers the right amount, and exposes the right amount- It’s such a tease and we like teasing, right?”

Photo by Deankez

A garment consisting of a length of fabric, elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from India. This is #Saree I am talking about. Saree has been and is, one of the most elegant, graceful and stylish attire. The most refined, discerning, modish yet classic and sophisticated! Do you wear a saree? Yeah!? So, you know exactly what I am talking about. And if your answer is a NO, I am sorry. I don’t make sense to you. And you are also the lot, who have extensively agitated about Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s opinionated Harward speech about saree and how it is fading away. Not to forget, this guy has given us 16 years of the most beautiful and ever classic pieces to wear in the form of saree, every saree wearer swears by!

Deepika Padukone in #SabyasachiMukherjee Red and White georgette saree, textured full sleeve blouse and embroidered metallic cuff
Photo source Instagram. Kangana in one of her #AirportLook

Well, saree is ace. The largest number of variations in any Indian attire is no where to be found other than this 5-8 yard of fabric. Yes, the Saree! There are about 80 recorded ways to wear a saree. Few known and conventional styles like Nivi, Bengali, Odia, Rajrani, Konkani, Madisar, Kodagu, Gobbe Seere and Tribal, has been modified with a lot of innovative and convenience angle to it’s wearer.

Photo by NVogue

In the initial few years of my career as a hotelier, saree was an imperative part and a must-wear attire for our front-office team. Infact it was our “uniform”. But I still can’t forget, how beautifully our grooming trainer taught us how to wear it, and that too in 5 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. We were trained to wear a saree within a time frame of 5-7 minutes. So, the one’s who say that they don’t prefer wearing it because saree draping is a time consuming process, let’s take the challenge!

Wear a saree is an art. No. I am not talking about the style here. It’s about choosing the right saree, with the right fabric, right texturing, right colour, as per the right body type AND for the right occasion!

Photo by NVogue
Photo by NVogue

Saree is not a party wear any more. We are living in the best of times, when it comes to fashion and styling. Today, we are much more accepting and receptive to the weirdest of fashion ideas, if it sooths your eyes and fashion faculty of your brain! Saree can be worn not only in a #shaadi party, but as an evening wear. At least try to replace it with your cocktail gowns. You will see the magic it creates in the event. Saree is worn in girl brunches, OR brunch ( rolling eyes). Pick a ruffle top or a peplum, instead of the traditional blouse. Wear your saree on a jeans and a sneaker. Draping it a little higher than usual (So that you can flaunt the jeans and sneaker look over that 8 yard). Wear your saree like the way Kangana Ranaut as an airport look. No one can do it better than her in the travel/airport saree! Wear your saree at work with your shirt under, instead of the blouse 😉 and VOILA! You are going to top the fashionista list at workplace! So, do you still have any reason NOT to wear a saree!? Let’s Saree ladies!!!!! 🙂 Obrigada Amigas!

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“Everyday Is A Fashion Show and The World Is Your Runway. “


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