“What contributes to a great shot isn’t what they’re wearing – it’s their expression, the angle, the swagger and the sex appeal that they are wearing…it’s the light, their expression, how sexy they feel about themselves…” Street Style It Is!

What always fascinates me in Street Style Fashion is, these “super models” posing on streets, looking at the infinite sky or the mantle of the Earth, in gorgeous outfits, that we all yearn to grab and have it in our wardrobe, they look graceful and strikingly stunning. But do you really know, they don’t always pose for the camera. Ahh! yes for sure they are the Pro and they can look their best with very little effort but I am talking about those who most of the time don’t even know they are such master pieces for the photographer.

Street Style Photography is synonymous to Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist. He is the name everyone should and would know, when it comes to street style photography. As per The Sartorialist, “Photographer, blogger and the founder, Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.”

One fine day while he was a stay-at-home-dad to his daughter, I am talking about 2005, Scott just picked his digital camera and hit the street and randomly started photographing people with striking and outta the box style. He then posted these to his blogs, with short caption like comments, either descriptive or favourable or open-minded. He called his photographing as ‘the real people captured.’

“The Sartorialist” very soon became the top listed and the upper most in the reading lists of all fashionistas across the globe! What else. The time when there was no IPhones’, no ‘random clicks’ tag and of course no hashtags, we had Mr. Schuman giving the whole world, “The Sartorialist”. Indeed “a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life”.

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