Staycationing is fun!

How do you define ‘Holidays’? Well, my reply to this will be: Not having to set an alarm for the next day!

Holidays are special. It is that time of the year, when you can take advantage of the opportunities you have, to spend quantity time with your loved ones, along with the quality time, that you do, anyways! AND, when it is a 2 month holiday, what do you do? Of course, a part of it is to vacation in a lovely destination, in or out of the country. Explore the beautiful, picturesque vicinity of the holiday destination, learn the cultural and traditional outlook of the place, enjoying the mouth smacking, scrumptious cuisine and interaction with the heritage of the locale.

But, when the vacation is long, really long, you do keep a part of it, to be home too! The “Staycation” part, I mean! Staycation is spending time at home or visiting the local attractions, within the city of residence. The challenge ?? We, the parents are going to give the best time to our kids. Vacation or no vacation. We will always work our a** out, to give fondest memories of their childhood. While it may be called the techno-age that we are living in, no gadget can replace the charm of running around and visiting new places of entertainment, in the city. Now, I am going to enlist the TOP 4 picks, my favourite spots to venture this summer break! Do share your bit too. 🙂

Staycation at it’s best

KidZania, Noida: In the heart of the entertainment city of Noida, KidZania found it’s place in Delhi, NCR. The etymology of the name KidZania was created by combining the word “kid” with the Latin suffix “ania” meaning “land of” and the letter “z” that unites the two meanings with a fun style. So the name KidZania was perfect for its meaning: “Earth of children good vibes.” What I love the most about KidZania is that they have more than 100+ role-play adventure activities, for kids ranging from 2years to 16years. For details like, entry tickets, time slots, etc. read here

Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurugram: The ultimate entertainment in performing art and leisure destination in the electronic city of Gurgaon. Kingdom Of Dreams is the venue that showcases, the best possible mix of  our country’s art, culture, craft, cuisine, theatrical drama like Zangoora and Jhumroo are over-the-top entertainment to all the age groups! To book the show and to know the itenery at this splendid destination, read here.

National Science Centre, New Delhi: Near Gate no. 1 of Pragati Maidan, the best part of my visit to the centre was the presentation on the story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years, in multimedia format! Varied indoor and outdoor activities make the visit fun along with being educational. Be it, the 3D Film show, Community programmes, Science quiz and show, Sky observation camp, Science on Sphere, Nature study camps, or the Commemorative events, the visit will be worth it! To know about the summer camp, read here.

Skii India, Noida: Were you longing to visit your favourite hill station but got late booking the tickets. Well, they don’t give you a 3 night stay package, but yes, few hours of happiness of an indoor hill station with few snow activities like, Skii Sliding, Multi-Coaster ride, Icy Luge, a snow play area for you to make snow balls and initiate a snow-ball fight, Sledging, Ice Skating! Spread over 1 lac sq. feet, you will visit this place not just once, this season. What else would you be looking forward to in the hot scorching North Indian summer!? To know more about the visit timings, tickets etc. read here.

These four places mentioned are your immediate visits, as we would scare a visit to an outdoor in the ever rising temperature in Delhi, NCR. These places are tried and tested and a must visit while you are staycationing. Soon I will be back with my list of “old is gold” places from the capital, where not just the kids but the parents will have fun too. Until then, Obrigada Amigas! 🙂


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