“Dear Beach, You are like that mistress who is reasonably that companion, who is but relatively in a never-ending relationship. Who is a lover and a mate, who is not married to her partner, but you give that solace, that peace in the heart which he wants from his marriage to life! You are no-one to him but everything that completes him. You give him stability and catharsis to vent out. You are that relation to him which is semi-permanent. But you are her, for whom he can leave everything and just be yours. But let me tell you. You are the secret which he wants the whole world to know. You are beauty. You are serenity. You are mesmeric. He wants to gaze you under the first ray of the sun! To be with you, always but promise to come back again…”

There is something about the beaches. Especially if you have escaped to any damn beach in any corner of the world, from the maddening crowd of city life. Life in a metro is so “agenda-packed”. Plans, to-do-lists, programs for the day. We, at times forget that we are earning money not just to feed our tummy but also our soul. The food to soul is nothing but travel. And travel to the beach??? Like I said, its that mistress you don’t want to leave.

Which beaches have you hit to hunt for that self or the succour that feeds your soul? Would love to hear from y’all!

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