“You are NOT yet living someone else’s life. You are NOT yet trapped with dogma. You are NOT yet adjusting to your adult life and finding your way. You are NOT yet unsure, what you want to do in life. You are NOT yet setting goals with a mind full of self-doubt. You are NOT yet drowning out your inner voice by other’s opinion. You are NOT yet, if you are 36.” 🙂

If you have ended up here, I am pretty sure, you are very soon turning into (or around) this beautiful number- 36 YO! Well, let me tell you that your life will only get better as your 30’s advances. Therefore STOP freaking out guys!

Your life isn’t over. Your best years aren’t gone yet. There is so much you will be doing and you will have hell lot of adrenaline rush! In all seriousness, the BEST years are coming up ahha!

“I want to do more. I think we all want to do more” -xxMK

I am super-excited about my birthday, as stepped into the birthday week already. I am planning an awesome bash. I am planning ‘my 36th Birthday Look’. I am planning to put straight my NEWEST goals. I am planning to do some cool stuff on my birthday! lolz.

So, what do you expect to be, by the time you reach the mid-30’s. Be inspired. Be You. AND read on…

You are #Confident

Confidence is sexy. It is appealing. It is glamourous and ambitious. At this age I am feeling extremely liberated and confident. Infact much more than when I was in my 20’s. ( Ok. I still have my pms and Nutella days). You are bound to feel, the freedom of mind and soul by now. You walk tall. You are proud of yourself for who you are. You are sure about what you want to wear, when and where. You have already acquired the skill to “GIVE A DAMN”.

You have a #Style

Yes. I am saying that. Hey come-on. The mystified feeling of “what to wear” is so womanish and it is okay! I never had a style, until I hit the 30’s and let me admit, I was a geek when I was in my high school-college. By your glam-30, as I call it so, you are no more a people pleaser ( which I was, very much, until recently ;)). Therefore you choose to please your senses and wear what you love to. This leads to a very individualistic style that is created unintentionally. Your style projects the true you. I love mixing-up things now. I love colours more than ever. I am in love with my stilettos and dream of owning my own Louboutin one day! #LifeGoals you see.

You are aware of #You (read yourself)

Awareness of who you are, what you don’t like and what you like, what you love and whom you love more, your career choice, your unique style, what inspires you, your confidence, why you are who you are… there is something so beautiful about getting hold of your self-awareness, and it’s important to be unstoppable! This is the time when most of you and me, acquire the confidence and readiness to take drastic decisions about our career and most probably, a career path change!

You love #MeTime

Many a times, you contemplate about your life and conclude- there’s nothing, that gives you more solace than a ME-time. Just a few weeks ago, I took a decision. I chose to acquire the courage of getting back to me. Yes. I was sensing it since long, that I was not being able to catch up with this amazing person in the mirror. Now what!? The only obstacle in my way was this ‘secured’,  9 to 5 job’ which was taking not just the time but my creativity too. One fine day, I wake up and suit-up and draft, an awesome resignation letter. My boss was impressed once again 😉 with my writing skills! BANG ON. haha It wasn’t easy. But I did it only for myself. No consultation, no R&D, no doubt. It was just ME for whom I got back to my freedom of freelancing. Voila, there is no looking back since then. “The longest journey, is the journey within”!

You are #Content

You hitting 36, means you know what to do, how to do, when to do and why to do, most probably. This process is directly proportionate to your contentment. I love my work, my home, my familia, my life, my flaws, my achievements, my fears, my dreads, my courage and my determination, (is it getting serious there??) my book, my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s important to be happy and with little things in life. Count your blessings. Be grateful. Go visit the nearby shelters and you will feel how fortunate you are. Be content. “Contentment is the greatest form of wealth”!

You are #Hungry

Noooo! I don’t mean the Sunday binge and the cheat hours okay!? Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. (Now, I guess you know what I meant). I have a long list of places I have travelled and a longer list of those, I am yet to travel to. You will meet amazing people, gorge on out-of-the-world food, see astounding art and museums, do as many adventure sports which you never thought, you could do. There is so much, yet to believe. there is so much yet to achieve.

You are #Rediscovering

There is so much fun in re-visiting places connected to your growing up years, re-read the old book, re-listening to heard musicals. Watching the Emmy award winning sitcom, Friends again and again. I love nothing better than the melodious numbers and/or stepping-up on Basket Case or my favourite Oh Love, an old photos album, styling blogs of my friends. It is a beautiful feeling. It amuses me to sit and recollect the old tunes while sipping my wines over a gup-shup with old friends. Rediscovering old classic movies. How about a movie marathon? I can watch Some Like It Hot, Gone With The Wind, It’s A Wonderful Life (Okay, Me

the list is long), I don’t know how many times!

You are #Resilient

I really amaze myself, when it comes to ‘not’ punching some people across their face. It is on your 36th birthday that you will realise, how strong you have become. Now you are indeed miraculous and very much capable to withstand the highest degree of non-senses. In no time, you recover from a difficult situation and you pleasantly surprise yourself. “Taking care of your own attitude and react accordingly, is resilience”!

Therefore, dear beautiful people, have fun in life. Do not give heed to the numbers around you. Find happiness within you. Go shopping. Take selfies. Go for a solo trip. Dress up as if you are going to conquer the runway. Create memories, big or small. And yes, remember to #love thyself! Because- “Life is an endless process of self-discovery”. Until then, An Awesome Birthday to you. Obrigada Amigos!

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