” Successful people know the difference between Patience and Procrastination”

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My new year resolution, of #2018 was, NOT to make any new year resolution and I swear I have been able to keep it intact. LOLZZ Well, what was yours? To wake up early morning? To reduce your late-nights? To work smarter instead of harder? Or to travel to your favourite destinations, you have been longing for? To shop less (or more ;)? Or to quit smoking? To multi-task in a better way? To eat healthy? Or to get fitter, anyhow? To join that art class you have been procrastinating about? Or to start yoga? To save money? To invest money? To spend, quality time with people, who matter? Pheww The list. Yes, the list is pretty long but the catch is, are you somewhere even nearby to it?

Holah, beautiful peephul! So, we are hitting the last week of February #2018 and I have a question. Are you still hooked up with your new year resolution you took, after that tequila shot and SWEEEAAAARRRRED that you are NOT going to fail it this year!!??

Hahhaha Okay, let me tell you- it really doesn’t matter if you aren’t yet on the climbing phase. Reason? Well, because it wasn’t important enough for you to stick to those resolutions. That’s it! But many a time, some of us do start off the climbing phase of our plans for the year, on the serious note, and we encounter something called ” The Procrastination Syndrome”.

Leave behind the new year thing. Are you facing procrastination in your everyday activity. Do you see yourself postponing your task for no rhyme or reason to the next day, next hour or the next minute. Well, let’s check out some quick tips to overcome Procrastination Syndrome:

Tip #1


Affirmation is a technique or simply an act of confirming something to be true. It is a written or an oral statement that confirms a belief. First of all stop thinking of yourself as a procrastinator. You need to either write down or tell yourself this truth repeatedly. Many a times, we just get trapped in a negative self talk and start believing it. It is time for you to talk positively about yourself, to yourself!

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 Tip #2

Set a goal to achieve

What are you procrastinating about? Is it something you had planned to do and you are not getting the time or urge to start off? Or is it something you haven’t yet planned, but is good for you, like getting fitter, going to the gym, starting meditation, joining a pilate class? Ensure, you choose a method/a way to reach the destination considering the right course of action. If the choice is wrong, there is a high probability that you may very soon discontinue the action plan you sketched for yourself!

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 Tip #3

Identify the distractors

Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, Victor Hugo, Frank Lloyd Wright, Leonardo Di Vinci, Steve Jobs are just few of the names who have made their mark in the history of the world AND they are/were great procrastinators. But what made them different was, they knew what were the distraction points for them. Once when you know, what exactly stops you from get-going, you know how to deal with it too! Each one of us are liable to be distracted by something or the other. That is how the human brains’ functionality is. We are made to multi-task, (Pun Intended). Social networking or catching up with the grapevine at the coffee machine during the peak working hours, the constant beeping sound ( likes, comments) of the post you updated on Instagram, FB or Twitted this morning OR even when there isn’t anything happening around, you tend to keep checking your phone screen, to see the time, the date, the month, the year, the alarm clock you set the other day, the messages in the inbox, outbox, spam blah blah blah blah…. Do you really want me to mention the reasons you pick your phone for!? If nothing, just to take a selfie??  Nah! Curb. Because you know you can!

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Use Productivity Apps

I am a big big fan of “To-Do-List” apps. Freelancing has taught me one thing for sure. Maintain your diary. Well, it is imperative for a corporate trainer cum momma like me, to have her dates cleared with the clients and prospective clients. Else, I will land up booking myself for two or more different sessions on the same date, in different locations! How foolish would that be. A TO-DO- list allows you to jot down all the stuff you need to take care off, for the day ( or the week… or the month)and tick off as you go by. #todoist is for all the procrastinators, to start with. Structure your day, chuck out your plan in a concrete fashion, be organised and voila, you are on your way uphill! NoteToDo, MY TODO List, Do It, GTask, OneNote, To-Do Calendar Planner, Taskful, 2Do are few, very reliable apps you can try out. To know more about the latest apps read 7 Clever Mobile Apps To Beat Procrastination

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Priority List

One of the way to fight the demon called procrastination is to set up a priority list where you jot down or memorize the tasks which are utmost important and performing them is absolutely imperative. Break down the task and do them first. Do them at the most productive hours or the time when YOU feel, you are the most productive self!

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Tip #6

Break Down the tasks in hand

Break the tasks down into smaller parts. Smaller tasks are easier to complete and we DO NOT procrastinate to do easy work. In order to go ahead slowly and swiftly, it is important to atleast start and why not take baby steps. Atleast you are doing it!

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Understand my friends, procrastination isn’t a disease ( like the way, I made you feel in this entire blog post lolz). It is a bad habit and at times good. Overcome it, and rejoice your freedom from pending stuff, to be done. I guess, we can, with the right mental attitude take this up and go places. Okay!! That is simply because the opposite connotation of procrastination is to be “proactive”. I hope you remember what Stephen Covey said in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. BE PROACTIVE! AND, don’t forget to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself). Until the next, Obrigada Amiga/os! 🙂


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