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It is the last week of November and the cool, crisp, autumn air which gave us so many styling options seem to freeze, just like the leaves on the trees out of the window. #WinterFashion ?? Yes. Are we really going to give up on it? No! Just because it is freezing outside, doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves from wearing all thing fashionable. Trust your fashion quotient and promise yourself, a ‘great style’ even in the coolest day of the season! So stay warm but do the magical tricks of winter fashion! Here we go!!!!!

“Be the Layering Pro”

I love winter fashion. Am I wearing a bra? Who knows. Am I wearing what I wore to bed underneath? Maybe! This is what winter fashion does to you. You yearn to layer, layer and layer. Just like the way human brain is programmed. Layer it baby! There is a substantial reason behind the inevitability of layering in winters. A polo-turtle neck under the sweater, under a jacket, which is under a coat! What else do you think of, when it’s all about pragmatic and a fashionable approach to styling your attire!? So, GO Layering Pro! How to layer without sacrificing the style? Well, listen to your fashion intuition, choose colours like, white, black, beige, orange, blue, yellow, green or red which is so much in this season. I consider #KendallJenner as the ‘goddess of layering’ with obvious reasons you see.

Kendal Jenner #tumble

“Tips to Layer”

  1. Layering different shades of the same hue, will definitely make your look daring but not over-the-top.

  2. An ‘all-black-outfit’ is a strict NO because that will make you look like an endless bundle of fabric and you DON’T want to do that to your look. Therefore add a vibrant check or a stripe to break the mono-tone!

  3. One style trick in layering that will  never ever go wrong is to add a jacket quotient to add the fancy-element to your winter OOTD.

  4. A Bomber on your favourite crop top and a ‘very’ high waist pant!?

  5. A mini-dress and the over-the-top loooong cardigan are the best companions of each other this winter. Don’t forget your thigh-high boots!

  6. Turtle necks are no more the ‘grandma-ish’ stuff. Just pair it with a huge jacket or an over coat. Add leather in the form of a mini skirt!

  7. To beat the disadvantage which is the only disadvantage of layering- looking bulky and shapeless, you ought to strap your belt tight on the mid section. Emphasise your waist without freezing your butt off, and hey, a huge buckle belt huh! Belt your coat well sweeties.

  8. Scarf, either the over width-ed ones or the skinny shimmery ones, will do magic to your layer.

Remember: Fashion has to reflect , who you ARE! You style is a matter of instinctive feelings, may it be about the colours you choose or the textures you love to wear. Go furry, Go leathery Go neutral, Go stylish. Go YOU! Untill then, Obrigada Amigas!!! 🙂





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