“Never get so busy making a life that you forget to make a life”

In today’s fast paced life style, what we have completely forgotten is the importance of striking a balance between work and life! With a progression in technology, your role as an employee is that of 24/7. With an email on your smart phone or a conference call, just a Skype link-up away, you are expected to be “on call” round the clock. This coupled with an increased cost of living and a volatile job market, your platter is almost full.

But, the best part of the present era is, the corporates have finally realised, the importance of being stress-free. Their employees’ health, and here I mean, the mental health, is very important to accelerate the productivity of the workforce. A sedentary life style and a rising level of stress at work, is peddling an array of infirmities like, hypertention, diseases related to heart, eating disorder, and high blood pressure just to name a few.

To combat with these health issues, various corporations have sketched action plans to endorse, different wellness programs.

What is an employee wellness program?

An employee wellness program which is also called ” worksite wellness program”, is an agenda, that promotes and maintains the health, safety and well-being of the employees.

Why should a corporation develop, an employee wellness program at all?

Supporting the workforce in developing a healthy life-style, will enhance their health quality, morale and productivity. They also understand and appreciate the fact that the organisation is taking care of them.


Some organisation publish a workplace wellness newsletter, highlighting the best and possible nutrition, fitness and educational content related to stress management.


I know few of the establishments which has set up a very healthy food canteens. These food studios in the premises of the organisation, puts employees health on the menu!


A gym at the office benefits employees and the employers. Why we shouldn’t build a corporate fitness centre in our offices? This is an or workplace strategy to enhance performance, health and wellness. Working out is one of the 10 scientifically proven way to boost workplace happiness. Internationally, some workspaces have designed fitness friendly space with jogging tracks, pedometers and body weights.


To compliment the physiological fitness of employees, some corporations design and offer programmes to ensure an employees mental well being! They encourage their people to pursue hobbies and interests. They have also created meditation space and retiring/common rooms for periodic breaks in between work and unwind.


The influence of Yoga in our mental and spiritual well being can not be under-estimated. Yoga is a time-tested practice that nurtures and strengthens human mind. It is one of the boon and the best option corporate employees can avail to manage stress and tention.

Along with physical and mental health programmes, organisations are also focusing on enriching their employee’s lifestyles. Many companies organise events such as marathons and encourage employees to participate. Organisations also host anti-smoking program to create a support system for those who wish to quit smoking.

Companies today cannot afford to ignore Work-Life balance. They are ready to provide flexibility to address personal commitments, without compromising the needs of the business. When ever I think on this topic, I always get reminded of Mr. Ratan Tata’s speech at Symbiosis, Pune : “Don’t be serious, Enjoy life as it comes”.

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